Day: October 6, 2021

Why buy stocks through an app? And what is the best stock market app in 2021?

The stock market is a very volatile market where unexpected changes can cause fluctuations in the stock market. It is therefore important that, as an attentive investor, you can always manage your investments on one of the websites like Pexcash Norway.

For this purpose it is very convenient to use a mobile app when trading on the stock market

After all, almost everyone has a phone in their pocket and you can use it at any time.

  1. Online brokers have obviously also realized that apps are extremely important for investors. That is why almost all online brokers now offer apps. This makes it difficult to keep an overview.
  2. We have listed our selection of the best apps for you. Just as easy! Next, we will explain the costs, trading products, interface, security and other special points for each app.
  3. These apps are available with both iOS and Android phones. These apps offer various products: in addition to shares, think for example of forex and cryptocurrency. For every type of investor, there is an app that best suits their trading strategy.

Perfect for the novice investor: eToro for Microsoft aksjer

Founded in 2006, the trading platform eToro stands out among online brokers for its easy user interface, among other things. Meanwhile, eToro is also known for being the first online stock broker to introduce a free social investment app when you buy microsoft aksje @

This means that as an investor you can communicate with other users. Handy if you want to exchange information!

  1. What also sets eToro apart from many other brokers is the so-called CopyTrading app. With this app you can see the investments of successful investments. In addition, you can even copy their entire investment portfolio.
  2. And that’s not all, as there is also support for novice traders and courses available to help you further expand your trading knowledge. In addition, there is no commission for stocks and ETFs.
  3. In addition, there is also a free demo feature where you can first familiarize yourself with the investment world without any costs. So you can invest completely risk-free to get to know the platform. Handy for the novice investor!